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Adenna was acquired by HOSPECO in 2017, helping to motivate the consolidation and creation of what became Hospeco Brands Group in 2020. In 2018 NuTrend Disposables, a subsidiary of HOSPECO®, merged with Adenna Inc. to create Adenna LLC.

Adenna founder Maxwell Lee bridged markets and cultures when his U.S.-based company partnered with his uncle’s Malaysian glove factory to bring affordable, quality gloves to the masses. From this single alliance, a business has grown to include global manufacturing and distribution hubs for fast, reliable service. Over the years, with every new market conquered, the blend of quality single-use gloves and infection control products at the right price has been Adenna’s hallmark.

NuTrend Disposables made its name as an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of disposable wiping cloths, rags, safety products, and washroom essentials, with a focus on serving the industrial, safety, and contractor supply distribution channels. NuTrend comprised tenured industry leading experts in the wiping cloth and sorbent product categories.

Adenna, like all Hospeco Brands Group brands, understands the importance of being a reliable supply chain partner through breadth of line, channel expertise and customization of product and service to their distribution partners. Distributors can create their own signature bundle when placing a single order for the items they need, thus increasing efficiency, reducing delivery time, and lowering shipping costs.

Adenna products are now found in diverse industries such as: dental, healthcare, automotive, aerospace, tattoo and piercing, industrial, safety, contractor supply, corrections, first responders, laboratory, cosmetology — and the list is growing every day. Customers of all backgrounds know they can turn to Adenna for innovative products, industry-specific knowledge, and expert advice.

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