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High-Tech Conversions is a global supplier of innovative cleanroom supplies and cleaning products for a variety of high-tech industries. As a leader in the clean room/controlled environment space, products include a full line of cleanroom wipes,  industrial wipes, cleanroom garments and gloves, cleanroom sticky mats, stencil wiping rolls, and more, engineered to the exacting standards of controlled environments, PCB assembly lines, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities across the world.

Based in Connecticut and founded in 1995, High-Tech Conversions was acquired by Hospeco Brands Group in 2022. The brand focuses on providing innovative, cutting-edge cleanroom supplies that perform better, are easier to use, and have been designed and manufactured to serve the exacting needs of customers across a number of industries.

High-Tech Conversions offers a generous mix of in-stock cleanroom products, including cleanroom wipes, industrial wipes, cleanroom nitrile gloves, and a variety of other cleanroom consumables. The Friendly Green line of environmentally friendly presaturated cleanroom wipes is in demand in the increasingly eco-conscious business environment.

High-Tech Conversions understands that each manufacturing operation has its own standards for cleaning and contamination-prevention products. To ensure that eachmarket’s specific needs are met, it can produce custom wipes, stencil rolls, gloves, garments, sticky mats, and other custom cleaning products. This includes products that meet USP guidelines with a variety of USP 797/800 compliant supplies.

With manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and China, custom orders can include virtually any fabric selection and a number of finishing options for non-woven materials, knits, wovens, paper and plastic film.

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