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HOSPECO® was founded in 1919, and in 2019, its 100th year, was rebranded to form the Hospeco Brands Group.

Today, HOSPECO remains a leading supplier of personal care, cleaning, and protection product solutions to the “Away-from-Home” market. As a charter member of the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association), HOSPECO is recognized as one of the branded leaders in the industry in our categories.

The company began as a pioneer in personal care products in public restrooms and quickly emerged as the leader in vended menstrual care products. Today, through our “Period Partner” initiative, we continue to lead and support public health issues by advocating for universal access to menstrual care products in all public restrooms for free.

In the 1980’s, HOSPECO expanded its personal care product line to include Health Gards® and Discreet Seat® flushable toilet seat covers and dispensers. Ahead of its time recognizing the importance, for both guests and facility managers, of the no-touch restroom, we became the leader in this category as well. Today, no company offers a more complete no-touch restroom package.

HOSPECO continued to add complementary products to its washroom bundle following this simple HOSPECO Expansion Rule (HER): In order to enter a new product category, our product line must be complementary to our existing product line; it must be complete; we must be positioned to lead in the category; and we must be ready to provide expertise, innovation, marketing support, and differentiated value to our distributor partners. 

In 1980, Tranzonic (HOSPECO’s parent) purchased non-woven wiper converting operations for its retail division and eventually sold the retail business.  The remaining converting operations were integrated into HOSPECO. HOSPECO is now one of the largest non-mill converters of non-woven wiping materials in the U.S. Other leading brands include:

  • AirWorks® Complementary Air Care Systems

  • TaskBrand® Wipers, a complete line of disposable wipers for all possible wiping applications.

  • Woven/textile wipers (rags) and sorbents.

  • Microworks® microfiber environmental hygiene solutions for wiping and floor care.

  • ProWorks® PPE line of protective apparel, safety products, and disposable gloves.

HOSPECO continues to evaluate other categories that can add value and contribute to the growth of our distributor partners.

Of course, none of this means anything without our distribution customers. HOSPECO supports distribution 100% and serves all distribution channels that support the away-from-home market with channel specific supply chain solutions.

We take our mantra “Our world revolves around you” seriously.  With Converting/Distribution Facilities in Knoxville, TN, and Sparks, NV, HOSPECO can reach our distributor partners within 2-4 days. Our North American sales team, comprised of HOSPECO sales directors, inside sales and customer service support departments, and our manufacture rep associates, provide the immediate and timely support required to deliver the optimal customer experience.

We value our business relationships at HOSPECO, both personally and professionally.

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