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Who is my Sales Representative?

Each of our companies has a distinct set of sales representatives who have expertise in your channel and related products.
Click on the company logo to get SALES REPRESENTATIVES INFO.

When will my order ship?

Most In-Stock items ship within 1-3 business days. Should we be unable to fulfill your order complete within 5 days of receipt of order we will split the order on the 5th day and ship any backorder when available at the same freight terms as the original order.

What is your Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP)?

HOSPECO Brands Group MAP policy can be found here

How can I get an SDS sheet?

SDS sheets can be found in the Resources section of this website, or in the product section. Please click the link to see our SDS sheet in resources section.

How can I get Keys/Parts for my dispensers?

With the many variations of keys/parts, discussing your needs live with a knowledgeable Customer Service Person will ensure you receive the most accurate answer. Please contact Customer Service at 800-942-9199 

Do you offer Private Label?

We offer Private Label or Co-Branding in certain of our HOSPECO Brands Group product categories and is an important part of the value-add we provide our distributor partners. Click here link for our Private Label Product Guide detailing the applicable categories, guides for selecting type of private labeling (ex printed packaging or adhesive labels) the categories and relative MOQs and Pallet quantities. Please contact your HOSPECO Brands Group Sales Representative for further details.


Can Hospeco Brands Group product photos and logos be downloaded from your website?

Yes images and logos are available for customers upon submission of our Image Usage Agreement. Login to the customer gateway to sign the agreement and download images. Customers without access to the gateway please reach out to our customer service team. 

What is the minimum order to receive prepaid freight?

Prepaid freights terms vary by industry segment and geography. Please contact your HBG sales representative for precise information

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Terms and Conditions can be found here.

What is the Return and Warranty Policy on Hospeco Brands Group Products?

Hospeco Brands Group Return and Warranty Policy can be found here.

Do you offer Dropship or Blind Ship capability?

HOSPECO Brands Group offers Drop Ship and Blind Ship capability. Drop Ship orders are processed as Prepay and Add or 3rd Party Freight, and orders can be Blind Shipped to include your company name on the packing lists to further strengthen your customer relationship. Combined with HOSPECO Brands Group expertise in processing both large and small shipments, Drop Ship/Blind Ship can be an effective way for distributors to manage inventories and service your customers. Please contact your HOSPECO Brands Group Sales Representative to learn more



How can I order from HOSPECO Brands Group?

If you are a current Distributor of one our HBG companies Acute Care PharmaceuticalsAdennaHospecoNilodor there is no need to establish a relationship with any of the others. You can continue to place orders as you have. All HBG Companies can accept orders via phone, fax, company specific email addresses, or EDI. See our contacts page for Company details. If you are new to HOSPECO Brands Group and want to place an order, please go to the core market page and click on your core market which will direct you to the appropriate HBG Company or call HOSPECO Brands Group Customer Service Department at 800-942-9199 and you will be directed to the appropriate company.

We encourage you to establish an EDI relationship.Click here for EDI details and contact information.